Come and see what we are all about.

Who Are We?

Greater Beginnings Christian Academy, Inc.  (G.B.C.A.) is your neighborhood childcare center. We are a non-profit organization servicing the community with a safe and affordable solution while focusing on competitive learning.  Launching G.B.C.A. was in direct response to the city's overwhelming desire for a trusted childcare provider that would serve as their child's second home away from home.  This statement is supported by our vision,  “Shaping the building blocks of your child’s future as they become the stars of tomorrow.” 

What Do We Do?

G.B.C.A. is here to serve your family.  We are delighted to impact the daily nurturing of your child by providing quality care, full-time and part-time servicing hours for families, the assurance that qualified teachers are always on staff and a competitive learning environment as your child is prepped for kindergarten readiness. We foster every child's developmental growth by way of four major initiatives that G.B.C.A. is committed to daily. These initiative are called N.E.E.A. which focus on Nutrition, Education, Exercise and Accountability. It is our strong belief that N.E.E.A. is the measure of excellence that will enhance the ability of our children to successfully thrive within the world we exist.  


The children are surrounded by an atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for everyone.  In addition, children are taught self-discipline, accountability for their actions, how to serve others, and what it takes to listen and follow directions in preparation for higher learning.